I’m a 15 year old singer from California that loves music, art, and cake. I have released 4 original songs, that were co-written with the amazingly talented PJ Bianco and Aimée Proal and Zach Hannah, and produced by PJ Bianco and Zach Hannah. My latest song titled “Clumsy” is about not being afraid to love wholeheartedly, whether you are falling in love with a person, a pursuit, or even a pet. When we truly find significant meaning in something, we must put forth all of our devotion, faith, and trust. This song is about the beauty of stumbling upon love and the courage it takes to love unconditionally.

I’ve had a passion for music ever since I was a toddler. I was especially talented at playing the pots and pans;) I’ve been singing for 10 years. From private concerts in front of my army of stuffed animals, to live performances in front of crowds. I sing various genres, from timeless classical pieces to upbeat pop songs to soulful ballads. And sometimes I carve out my own “off the beaten path” style.

I started singing lessons before I could read. That presented, well… certain problems in the learning process, so later I was placed in the loving care of vocal coach Inessa. During my 5 years with her, I performed at recitals, as well as live performances at several local and not-so-local events, including the Le Petit Trianon Theatre in California and The Media Theatre in Philadelphia. One of my live performances was my first video posted on YouTube, when I was 10.

Shortly after I posted my first few covers on YouTube, I started vocal training under the guidance of vocal coach Didier (also coaching amazing talents like Sabrina Carpenter and Jasmine Thompson). I’ve been with Didier for the last 5 years. I performed live for audiences of 400+, and 1000+. I have a YouTube channel with many covered songs as well as my originals, and I look forward to sharing more!

Stay tuned! <3 Alexis